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best oysters

In SC Lowcountry, tell the world that this is OUR oyster

I saw single oysters in beds of chipped ice, introduced by name and personality.

At a glance, some people could know more about their oyster than they know about their own children.

At the Cull & Pistol Oyster Bar in Chelsea Market, I meet Summerside, from Maipeque Bay on Prince Edward Island, “medium salinity, with sweet, buttery finish,” $4.

And there was Nisqually from Washington, “mild salinity with plump meats and pronounced sweetness,” $3.10.

Others come from New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

But I didn’t see anything about the May River, or the queens of the clean, salty waters of home.

A message hit home in my gawking.

It said, “We’re special. We’re the best. We’re well worth $3 or so for that one quick slurp.”