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soft shell crabs

Fresh Local Crab

Hudson’s on the Dock brings a truly special crab tasting experience unlike anywhere else on Hilton Head Island. Our local varieties include:

Soft-Shell Crab:

Soft shell crab season begins when the water temperature increases during the spring months, and the crabs begin molting their old exoskeletons, staying “soft” until their shells harden during the next several days. Soft-shell crabs are crabs that have been through this process, allowing the whole crustacean to be eaten rather than needing to shell it to get to the meat. As the only restaurant on Hilton Head Island with an in-house shedding operation, we are able to have a softness and freshness to our soft-shell crab dishes that are unrivaled, it also allows our guests to watch and learn more about the process. Read More about Hudson’s Soft-Shell Crab Process.

Stone Crab:

Another crab delicacy served right here at Hudson’s on the Docks. We prepare the stone crab claws immediately as they get to our docks so they are fresh and ready to be served. Stone crabs have a very mild, slightly sweet flavor and their meat is flaky, rather than firm, like lobster. They are more labor intensive to catch when compared to other crab species, but this does not stop us from sustainably catching local Stone Crab when in season, April through October. Stone crabs are best served cold and are truly a delicacy for special occasions.

Blue Crab:

In the Lowcountry of South Carolina, the blue crab is valued above all. The sweet meat of the blue crab is favored by foodies over all other locally captured seafood. Available year round, the Blue crab will be at its prime and most abundant from May to August. Blue crab meat has a taste that is rich, sweet, succulent, and buttery. The body meat has a delicate flavor, while the claw meat has more of a nutty flavor. If you are a fan of blue crab we definitely recommend trying our Maryland-Style Crab Cakes.

Snow Crab:

Snow crab is named for its flesh, which when cooked transforms from red to snowy white and has a sweet, subtly briny taste. The Snow Crab season ranges from late Fall to early Summer. Come down to Hudson’s and try our fresh Snow Crab Legs for Lunch with a side of our famous Hushpuppies!

Crab N’ More

Weather your feeling oysters, shrimp, fish or crab we only serve the most seasonal and fresh varieties available on Hilton Head Island. We utilize the many varieties of crab Hilton Head Island has to offer ranging from the coveted Blue Crab, tasty Stone Crab claws, to our seasonal in-house Soft-Shell Crab. Hudson’s is famous for serving fresh delicious local seafood. Our location offers an unique ecosystem that makes it a prime area for delicious seafood. Which is why we only serve local, wild-caught, fresh crab on every plate. Come down today and experience some of the best local crab legs you will ever get your hands on at Hudson’s on the Docks. Check out our crab varieties, so you can always taste the best crab in season: