At Hudson’s, our primary goal is to get seafood onto your plate in hours, instead of days, after harvest. 

We support local fishermen, shrimpers, and crabbers to provide the freshest local seafood to our guests and are committed to catch and purchase as much seafood as possible from our local waters. Over 3,000 gallons of oysters and 125,000 pounds of shrimp are consumed and over 450,000 raw oysters are freshly shucked on the premises. We farm and harvest our very own oysters, cultivate fresh soft shell crabs, harvest stone crab claws, and harvest fresh local white shrimp. Our family of chefs, fisherman, shrimpers, crabbers and restaurant staff welcome your family to have a great local experience at our waterfront location. 

Local seafood is more difficult to source, more expensive, and costly to peel, fillet, shuck, etc. We know it’s worth it. Our guests enjoy the freshest seafood anywhere, and the health benefits cannot be overstated. Our seafood is not processed in a commercial facility; therefore, it is free from preservatives, sulfites, nitrates, phosphates, hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals. It is 100% organic, and natural as mother nature intended.

We have a wide variety of seafood ranging from local fish delicacies to soft shell crab and more.  Our menus change depending on the season, so please explore the our seafood offerings below to see when you can experience your favorite seafood delicacy:

Hudson's Seafood





Come down today and check out the best seafood Hilton Head Island has to offer. Hudson’s Seafood House wants you to experience the very best in fresh, local seafood by shortening the supply chain and committing to sustainable fishing practices. 

View our menus for current fresh fish options!