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Hudson's On The Docks
Harvesting Oysters
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Hudson's On The Docks
Bushel of Oysters

Fresh Local Shrimp

Hudson’s only serves fresh, local, wild-caught shrimp in all of our dishes.

Hudson’s brings local, fresh seafood straight from their docks to your plate for a one of a kind “boat to table” eating experience like no other.  We have a special agreement with the fishermen that use our docks that allows us to have first pick of their catch when they return to the shore.  They also, for the final 24 to 36 hours of their expeditions, fish exclusively for Hudson’s – giving us the freshest shrimp on Hilton Head Island.

If you’re lucky you can see a Hudson’s shrimp boat unload its catch from your table and watch the sorting process take place as the shrimp make their way from the boat to your plate.

During the two shrimping seasons, the three shrimp boats that dock at Hudson’s bring in:

White Roe Shrimp: During this season our shrimping fleet tracks and catches spawning White Roe Shrimp, a unique seafood delicacy. Spring Season (March-June)

White Shrimp: They prized for their large size, their tender texture, and their mild flavor. They are great for shrimp boils, like our Lowcounrty Boil, and other preparations where they can soak in the flavors but we also prepare them fried, pan sautéed, steamed, broiled, and blackened. Fall Season is September through December.

Whether it be our oysters, crab, fish, or local shrimp; we’re famous for fresh, local seafood for a reason.

New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp

Click the video to learn about our shrimping process