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Hudson's On The Docks
Bushel of Oysters
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Hudson's On The Docks
Shell Ring Oyster Co.
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Hudson's On The Docks
Harvesting Oysters
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Hudson's On The Docks
Shucking Fresh Oyster

Fresh Local Fish

Here at Hudson’s on the Dock, we take great pride in delivering the freshest fish you can find on Hilton Head Island. We utilize the largest of only two local fishing fleets here in Skull Creek and the rest of Hilton Head Island. At Hudson’s we harvest nearly 90% of the seafood that we serve right from the waters surrounding our restaurant. This allows us to pick the best of the catch as well as serve fresh fish throughout the day.

Our menus change depending on what fish is in season so that you are always tasting the freshest fish at the peak of their flavor profile. Our Seasonal fish varieties include: 

Barrel Fish:

A rare deep water bycatch of Wreckfish, Barrel fish has firm and flakey meat that becomes tender and moist when cooked, giving you a rich and sweet flavor. Eating the meat of fresh barrel fish is like eating a blend of lobster and crab. Sourced from the waters of Mt. Pleasant, a short trip up stream, during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.



Wreckfish has firm white flesh with a large heavy flake. It has a mild flavor similar to grouper and sea bass. Try out this unique tasting, local to South Carolina fish anytime between the beginning of Spring and end of Fall.

Vermillion Snapper:

People often confuse this slender bodied fish with a Red Snapper, but they’re not the same. Though snappers are popular for their snapping teeth, their flavor is sweet and delicate. The Vermillion Snapper is only in season during the Summer, so get them while they are hot!

Red snapper:

Red snapper has a rather subtle, nutty, yet delicate taste. Its meat is juicy, lean, and firm, making it really adaptable to a variety of ingredients. The flavor of red snapper is delicate, and it doesn’t have the same “fishy” flavor as other varieties. Red Snapper is heavily regulated and can only be fished a couple of times a year, usually the summer, so they are a hot item when on the menu. Contact Hudson’s on the Docks to see when you can try this delicious fish.


The lean meat has a mild, clean flavor and large, tender flakes. Atlantic cod is slightly sweeter and softer than pacific Cod. One of our favorite Dinner Menu dishes that will make your mouth water is the Blackened Cod, served with Cheddar grit cake, roasted tomato coulis, spinach, jumbo lump crab, and a Parmesan crust. We utilize sustainable, wild caught Icelandic Cod because there’s nothing else like it and we only want to serve you the tastiest fish year round.


The largest of South Carolina’s inshore predators and one of the tastiest. The taste of cobia is light, clean, and buttery. It has a mild, ‘non-fishy’ flavor due to its broad flaking texture and firm white flesh. Cobia has it all. The taste, texture and the consistency it brings makes this fish truly unique.  And, due to the high oil content, the flesh remains delectable and moist when cooked. Locally caught here in Hilton Head, try out this tasty fish when in season, Spring through early Summer.


We source our Salmon from healthy sustainable farms in Canada. Salmon has a flavor that is close to that of other popular fish such as tuna or trout. Salmon has a delicate and refreshing flavor. If you’re a salmon foodie you will definitely love our Fresh grilled Atlantic Salmon with a citrus-dill butter sauce. It will keep you coming back, time and time again. Because of its assertive taste profile, Atlantic salmon is a perfect crowd-pleaser and we offer it year round


Swordfish has a slightly sweet taste, a moist, meaty consistency, and high fat content. A delectable treat and hard to catch, local swordfish is definitely a spectacle and a must try when in season. The season usually spans late Spring, Summer, and early Fall.


Because of its moderate flavor and mildly sweet undertone, flounder is a versatile species. It has a delicate, fine texture with a low degree of oiliness and moisture. Fishes with a similar flavor profile include halibut, tilapia, and branzino. We serve flounder several different ways but our favorite is when we pan-sear it for ultimate flavor. Caught daily by local fisherman, you can find this delectable fish at its prime during the Winter, Spring, and Fall.


Grouper is a mild-flavored, fatty fish with a slight sweetness to it. It has a taste profile that is close to that of halibut and bass. A grouper has a firm texture and big flakes that are easy to split apart. It has very high oil levels for a mild-tasting fish, which gives a good buttery mouth texture. Check out the our specialty, the Almond Crusted Grouper, where we pan sauté the freshest grouper and serve with citrus beurre blanc. Our Groupers are fished locally by local fisherman. The season is highly regulated and varies each year. If your itching to get your hands on one of these bad boys, give us a call so we can let you know if we have them fresh and available for order.

red group


Strong texture and a distinctive sweet and mild flavor, the authentic taste of mahi mahi is similar to that of swordfish, but with a milder flavor. Mahi mahi is also known for its big, moist flakes. Mahi Mahi season ranges from Spring, some Summer, and Fall.

Black Seabass:

A staple in some of the country’s finest restaurants. The Black Sea Bass is a high-quality fish with a distinctive taste. Its juicy, mouthwatering flesh is ideal for both formal and casual times. The Black Seabass is tastiest in season from Winter through Spring.

Check Us Out!

Come down today and check out the best fresh fish restaurant on Hilton Head Island. We want to bring back what it truly means to experience fresh local fish. By shortening the supply chain, it allows our customers to eat seafood the way it is intended. Our number one goal is to always get the freshest seafood onto the plate as quickly and efficiently as possible – and have you saying “Wow, this is the best seafood I’ve ever had.”

View our menus for current fresh fish options!