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Hudson's On The Docks
Bushel of Oysters
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Hudson's On The Docks
Shell Ring Oyster Co.
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Hudson's On The Docks
Harvesting Oysters
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Hudson's On The Docks
Shucking Fresh Oyster

Fresh Local Oysters

Very few people have had the opportunity to taste oysters that have been hours out of the water let alone minutes. Giving them that one of a kind experience is what guides our commitment to serving the freshest and most authentic Low Country seafood on Hilton Head. 

Whether its fresh shrimp, local oysters, fish, or soft-shell crab, it doesn’t matter – the shortening of the supply chain that we attempt to accomplish translates to people eating seafood the way it is intended, in its freshest state.

At Hudson’s we harvest nearly 90% of the seafood that we serve right from the waters surrounding our restaurant. Meaning, you could be sitting on the dock as we pull up with two bushels of just-harvested Hilton Head oysters from our local oyster farm Shell Ring Oyster Co., and be eating one of those very oysters within minutes of it being harvested. 

Our number one goal is to always get the freshest seafood onto the plate as quickly and efficiently as possible – and have you saying “Wow, this is the best seafood I’ve ever had.”  View our menus for current fresh oyster options!